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Inland Empire Wedding Photographer: Croy Wedding

IMG_8075fx1 (Large).jpgIMG_8080fx1 (Large).jpgIMG_8089 (Large).JPGIMG_8093fx1 (Large).jpgIMG_8118fx (Large).jpgIMG_8125fx (Large).jpgIMG_8180fxbw (Large).jpgIMG_8182fxvg (Large).jpgIMG_8197 (Large).JPGIMG_8204fxsp (Large).jpgIMG_8227fxbw (Large).jpgIMG_8229fxvg (Large).jpgIMG_8230fxvg (Large).jpgIMG_8231fxvgsp (Large).jpgIMG_8236bw1 (Large).jpgIMG_8274 (Large).JPGIMG_8294 (Large).JPGIMG_8298fx1 (Large).jpg
        In June I had the pleasure of photographing my very good friend Patti and Ralph’s wedding.  The wedding took place at the beautiful Heritage Hill Historic Park in Lake Forest.  It is a very quaint place and perfect setting for a wedding. I was so excited to be part of their special day..I have never seen a couple so in love and relaxed at their wedding.  Their happiness just glowed right off of them. I just love to look at these portraits and see their happy faces:).  Thank you for having me be your wedding photographer…I thoroughly enjoyed being there!!!

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Inland Empire Wedding Photographer

IMG_2898_edited-1 (Large).jpgIMG_2915lg (Large).jpgIMG_2922 (Large).JPGIMG_2954_edited-1 (Large).jpg
I am soo excited for this weekend!!  I am the wedding photographer for such a wonderful young couple. I have known the Bride since she was in middle school. I felt so honored when they asked me to be their Wedding Photographer..I feel that places a lot of trust they have in me to be able to capture their special day with out adding any extra stress to them. The weather looks like it is going to be nice..so scary when planning a wedding in February. The wedding reception is at a country club with some beautiful backgrounds to capture some wonderful shots. Wedding portraits will be blogged in a few weeks:)

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Inland Empire Wedding Photographer: Velazquez Wedding

handpaint (Large).jpgIMG_8076 (Large).JPGIMG_8100 copy (Large).jpgIMG_8110 (Large).JPGIMG_8121_edited-1 (Large).jpgIMG_8123 (Large).JPGIMG_8132 copy (Large).jpgIMG_8133 (Large).JPGIMG_8136 (Large).JPGIMG_8143_edited-1 (Large).jpgIMG_8150_edited-1 (Large).jpgIMG_8156 (Large).JPGIMG_8159_edited-1 (Large).jpgIMG_8162 (Large).JPGIMG_8164fxlg_edited-1 (Large).jpg
This wedding was so fun. Family and friends all gathered together to celebrate with this special couple.  They have known each other their whole lives! I felt so fortunate to be invited to their special day…of course the camera had to come along. I was so happy to get a little of their time to take some portraits for them. Such fun out in the field by the reception.  We were warned about snakes so we sent a scout out looking for them..we didnt have any…but someone else found one! I wish them a long and happy life together:)

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Inland Empire Wedding Photographer: Wedding Sale!!!

Calling all Brides!!!!  I am having a Wedding Package Discount……take $100 OFF your wedding day portraits if you book and pay the deposit by June 31st!!

IMG_9609_edited-1.jpgfeather back.jpgfixed image.jpgIMG_3662bwws.jpgIMG_5384.JPGIMG_5387cr.jpgwedding.jpgIMG_9363crsp.jpgIMG_9427_edited-1.jpgIMG_9483_edited-1.jpgIMG_9593cr.jpg

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My Inland Empire Photography Studio and Photo Ops

IMG_6000 (Large).JPGIMG_6126 (Large).JPGIMG_6128 (Large).JPGIMG_6145 (Large).JPGIMG_6129 (Large).JPGIMG_6127 (Large).JPGIMG_6130 (Large).JPGIMG_5588ws.jpgIMG_6131 (Large).JPGIMG_6132 (Large).JPGIMG_6133 (Large).JPGIMG_6134 (Large).JPGIMG_6135 (Large).JPGIMG_6136 (Large).JPGIMG_6137 (Large).JPGIMG_5573ws.jpgIMG_6021 (Large).JPGIMG_6140 (Large).JPGIMG_6141 (Large).JPGIMG_6142 (Large).JPGIMG_6143 (Large).JPGIMG_6144 (Large).JPG
My Studio and where I live is here in Mockingbird Cyn in Riverside. It is a beautiful place to live and gives me so many opportunites for great pictures right here on my property! After all of our children have married and moved out we now have extra room in the house, so one of their bedrooms is now my Studio. I love being a Photographer and all the many opportunites i am having to meet new people. The Inland Empire is our home, but I love to go on location to our many beaches, mountains, vineyards, and towns in Southern California. If you have a beautiful yard, pool, home, or a favorite location i am always willing to go to those places for your photo session also.

I was able to purchase some new backdrops and props this last month so that has been fun experimenting with those.  This week I am purchasing a new lense for my Canon.  It should make for much better portraits….I am soo excited to go get that!!!!

Enjoy your day and i can’t wait to meet you and/or your family and be a part of  Capturing Your Moments Forever……

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